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Jamaica Yearly Meeting invites all Friends to their 75th Anniversary Yearly Meeting Dear Friends, I am excited to be writing you on behalf of the Jamaica Yearly Meeting Planning Committee to share with you the awesome plans we are making for our 75th Yearly Meeting – Diamond Jubilee Celebration! Since it is our 75th Yearly…(Read More)

Celebrate Cuba Yearly Meeting’s 116th anniversary – November 11-18, 2016  Every year on the 14th of November, Cuba Yearly Meeting celebrates the arrival in 1900 of the first Friends missionaries to the island. For the last few years, Friends United Meeting has been sending Living Letters to join in the celebration and to experience…(Read More)

FUM congratulates Cuba Yearly Meeting on the return to Cuban Friends of the “Colegio Wilmington” property in Puerto Padre! This school, founded by missionaries from Wilmington Yearly Meeting, in USA, was a significant educational institution for Friends until it was nationalized by the Cuban revolution. The building, now in ruins, was finally returned to Quaker…(Read More)