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Students gather around Oscar and his computer during Oscar's April visit to the Belize Friends School.

Update from Eden Grace, Thursday, July 26: “We’re at $433 as of this morning. Yay!” Update from Eden Grace, Wednesday, July 26: “We’re now down to $580 per month. I love momentum! Let’s keep it up.” July 25, 2017—Oscar Mmbali is FUM’s recently-called pastoral minister for Belize—and he…(Read More)

Early this week, we sent to the printer a poster, several handouts, and a letter about our 2017 Summer Mission Project—A Big Year for Belize. They will be mailed to Meetings and Churches in early May. If you’d like to view them sooner, they are available here as a downloadable pdf…(Read More)

Oscar Siema Mmbali has been traveling among East African Friends, raising support for the work he will be doing with Belize Friends Ministries. Now, he’s in North America, spreading the news about our expanding work in Belize City and raising support among North American Friends. As an FUM ministry field staff, Oscar depends on…(Read More)

New Windows in Belize

Just this morning, the first rays of light found their way into the new classrooms in the Belize City Friends Center. In the image, workers are cutting windows into the walls. This construction is part of the ongoing Big Year For Belize, which includes the purchase of a new building for the Belize Friends School…(Read More)

Friends United Meeting has successfully negotiated the purchase of new property on the Southside of Belize City. At the juncture of a Southside residential area and an industrial port neighborhood, the new property has two structures totaling over 8,800 square feet of interior space, and will house an expanded school, a worship space, a…(Read More)

Friends United Meeting is pleased to announce the appointment of Oscar Siema Mmbali to serve as the first pastoral minister for the Friends work in Belize. Oscar is a member of Nairobi Yearly Meeting, in Kenya. He first learned of FUM’s work in Belize in 2004 through reading articles in Quaker Life magazine while…(Read More)

Field Staff Openings

As we continue to partner in ministry across all our Yearly Meetings, we have openings for field staff in both Africa and Belize. The positions are posted here on our website. (This page won’t be found in the website menu for a while, but midway down the landing page, there is a link to…(Read More)