Prayers for FTC

Edna Todayo

One of the Friends Theological College staff, Edna Tadayo, was accidentally shot by a stray bullet while visiting a nearby town in Kenya. Another FTC staff person was with her at the time.

According to Robert Wafula, FTC Principal, she was rushed to the Jumuia Hospital (formerly Kaimosi Hospital) where they attempted to stabilize her. Unfortunately, I just received another message from Wafula saying Edna passed today.

Edna was a single mother of a young (5 – 6 year-old) daughter. I have asked Robert how we might assist the family and the school. Please keep all of them in your prayers at this time.


Colin Saxton

4 Responses to "Prayers for FTC"
  1. I am so sorry that our friends must go through this frightening time. God be with you all and let us stand up to the task of helping however we can. Thanks for keeping us informed and perhaps this will challenge us to remember to pray for our brothers and sisters of all ages as the struggle in Kenya continues. I have noticed with a sense of humble pride that the leadership of our Friends in Kenya are continuing to pursue avenues of peace. God bless us all.

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