Stewards Program Application for the 2017 Triennial

Young Adult Friends (aged 18–27) who are interested in the Friends movement and in developing their leadership experience could gain significant benefit from participating in the Stewards Program offered during the Triennial. The program will be facilitated by Pat Byers, Assistant Superintendent, Indiana Yearly Meeting, and will include significant time working alongside those leading the Youth/ YAF Program, at the Triennial.

Program focus

At this Triennial gathering the Stewards Program will have three main areas of focus:

1. Education/introduction to the Friends movement.

2. Leadership experience working with Young Friends and other Young Adults at the Triennial. Also, there will be focused time getting to know and working with leaders from different Yearly Meetings.

3. Opportunity to rub shoulders with and learn from some ‘seasoned’ leaders of the Friends movement.

Why choose to be an FUM Steward at Triennial this summer?

1. Get to know Friends. Perhaps you have a LOT of knowledge of the Friends movement, or perhaps you are brand new to it. No matter where you land on that spectrum, we feel you will come away with more.

2. Be challenged in leadership. Whether you have had a lot of leadership experience, or are just getting started, the Stewards Program will provide a wonderful opportunity. You will be challenged by Friends leaders, and you will be challenged by those you will have an opportunity be alongside in leadership. There is also value in getting to know and coming alongside fellow young leaders from other Yearly Meetings in other parts of the country. We feel this will provide a well-rounded experience that will spur young leaders to new levels.

3. Take advantage. We are in a unique moment within both the Friends movement and the wider culture. Friends are thinking hard about where they fit and how they can affect the future of the Church and of society. In addition, businesses, non-profit organizations, and Churches are all emphasizing the importance of leadership qualities. We hope to take advantage of this moment.

4. Share what YOU are learning. Since many who will attend as Stewards will be products of previous leadership programs, we would love for those attending this program to bring books, ideas, and/or names of authors or people who have been inspirational when it comes to leadership. Those shepherding this program do not claim to have “the corner” on what it takes to be a good leader. We ask that Stewards come prepared to share how God has already shaped them in aspects of leadership.

More information and program application available here: 2017 FUM Triennial stewards form extended.

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