Colin Saxton Enters Year of Transition

To all Friends everywhere,
For the last several years, I have been privileged to serve as general secretary of Friends United Meeting. FUM is an amazing fellowship—a global community joined together in common work and witness and learning to live into our shared fellowship in Christ. I have come to love this community and believe more strongly than ever that a vibrant and growing FUM is both necessary for the future of Friends and is a much needed gift to the world.
In discerning with the FUM General Board around the continuation of my call to service, we agreed that I will conclude this ministry within the next year (by June 30, 2018). My wife and I feel a strong leading to return home to Oregon to be nearer our children and their families. The FUM Executive Board and I explored the possibility of me working remotely from the West Coast, but we sensed this would not be a great long-term solution and a likely hardship on the Richmond staff. My wife and I also believe there are other ways we are being led to serve among Friends. In my own case, I am particularly interested in exploring new opportunities to strengthen community among Quakers, nurture emerging leaders and deepen my own spiritual life and faithfulness.
I am eager to work with the General Board in this coming year of transition, support our excellent global staff and travel among all of you. I am also excited to see who God raises up to step into this wonderful work. Thanks to all of you—the members of the FUM community—for the joy you have brought to my life. Your example, passion for service and kind generosity is a great inspiration to me.
Colin Saxton

From the Board:
Colin has brought enormous gifts to FUM. His vision, his passion, his love of Christ, his ability to hold all parts of the very wide spectrum that is FUM, and above all his servant-leadership, have all been transforming and life-giving to this organization.
This transition has evoked feelings of loss and anxiety among many of us. We grow attached to our spiritual leaders, and sometimes it seems impossible that we could ever find someone else whose gifts are so well suited to our needs.
But we are called not to live in fear, but to faithfully live out the will of God in our lives, encouraging and upbuilding each other so we each may do the same. It has become clear that it is the will of God in Colin’s life that he be released from this ministry, and therefore we ask all of you to rejoice and give thanks with us: for Colin’s years of faithful service, for his continued obedience to God, and for the new directions which his ministry might take.
We are children of an abundant God. We are beginning the search for a new General Secretary, not with fear, but with a sense of hope and excitement for what the future may hold. We ask for your prayers: for Colin, for the newly forming search committee, and for all of us. May we all be as faithful as Colin has been. May we let go of our anxieties and instead step out in faith, trusting that God is leading us in new ways.
In Christ,
The FUM General Board, NA/C


21 Responses to "Colin Saxton Enters Year of Transition"
  1. I highly commend the abilities and responsiveness of Colin at FUM, as if he has just started the service, His sense of courage,arbitration and diligence open for us the chapter of emulation and commitment to shape the Quaker society around the world and Africa towards self sustenance….WE LOVE YOU

  2. Oh, Colin, I don’t want to see you go.! YOU have brought such joy and inspiration (and humor) to us. My association with you goes back to my time on Right Sharing of World Resources when you were clerk. I was impressed with your depth of spirit then, and when I heard you were coming to be General Secretary for FUM, my heart went, “Yeah, that will be great for us”. I am trusting that God will lead us to the right person to take over (not fill your shoes because no one can). I wish you much spiritual fulfillment as you seek your next opportunity to serve.

  3. Will miss you brother Collins, I first met you in Tororo Uganda in 2010! What a man rich in humility with a humble spirit! I met you again during pastors conference at Lugulu girls. I was blessed to meet and fellowship with you. Gone too soon but the field of service is vast. He has another assignment for you! God bless you in your future endeavors!

  4. Dear Colin,
    I have known your for just under a year, and mostly through the written word. It was a great joy for Humphreys and I to meet you when you were last in Kenya. Having that lunch together was like we had known you for a long time. Thank you for allowing the love and light of Christ to shine in you! Miriam.

  5. You have been a strong rock on which the FUM ministry has stood for the past 7 years . Together with others on FUM team you have touched the world with your services. We will miss your humble spirit.

  6. Colin,
    You have been a faithful servant to the FUM family. Time to walk through this new door with your usual enthusiasm and competence. Getting to know you has been a great pleasure.

  7. Colin,
    You have been a positive and inspirational FUM leader. Your family will much appreciate having you both back with them. Time to walk through this new open door!

  8. What a beautiful person he is. He and Janine will be missed here as part of the Quaker community in Richmond.

  9. Ah, dear Colin. Yes we are so grateful for the years of having you among us. It is time to bless another community it seems. At any point it would seem “too soon!” for us here, and “at last!” for those in Oregon. Blessings, blessings, blessings. I will be praying for the search process.

  10. What a beautiful series of statements from Colin and the FUM Board. In Colin’s faithful transition away, and in the board’s response to live in faith rather than fear, we have lovely examples of Quaker faithfulness. It’s hard to let go, and it’s hard to let others go when it’s time. Thank you all for your leadership, today, in the past and in the future.

  11. Collins Saxton is a friend and a brother indeed. I was privileged to know him while teaching at Friends Theological College Kaimosi Kenya before I left after 4 years service. I wish you the best. Hesborne Apida.

  12. my dear friend, may u continue to travel in the footsteps of Jesus. I feel it is time for u to go home and u r very much needed there.

  13. So so so grateful Colin for your years of service that included probly wayyyy toooo much travel and connecting and re-connectign so many friends. Your community-building gifts and passion are needed and are graced. Blessings and love, Deborah Suess and Tim Jackson

  14. After our conversation in Richmond I was very much hoping that a new structure might evolve. Now it has, though not at first glance what I was hoping for. I wish you and FUM all the very best. Welcome to the world of ‘retired Friendly servants’. There are many opportunities waiting for you … ‘no’ is a good place to start!

  15. YES!!! A couple months or so ago, a group of us were talking about you (it was all good) and wondered if you’d ever come back “home” to Oregon & NWYM. None of us had hear anything about this change. We can certainly use your skills right about now. So….here’s an early “Welcome Home!!”

  16. I can’t say am saddening because you are a true vessel of God, as you planted your seed in me of spiritual tolerance and calmness, I beleive in your next move someone will learn a big lesson and that is what Christ wants us to do. I pray for the whole process and may you find happiness in the Lord. God luck to you and your family. But let’s keep in touch and encourage each other as we live to fellowship.

  17. Colin Saxton ready sense of humour is to be missed many Quakers in Africa. He makes us really laugh…

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