Oscar Mmbali’s online pledge campaign launched

Oscar Siema Mmbali has been traveling among East African Friends, raising support for the work he will be doing with Belize Friends Ministries. Now, he’s in North America, spreading the news about our expanding work in Belize City and raising support among North American Friends.

As an FUM ministry field staff, Oscar depends on donations from individual Friends and Meetings/Churches for 100% of his support— housing, food, living allowance, medical care, travel, ministry expenses, etc. He needs faithful monthly commitments of prayer and finances from many Friends. Even a small amount, given every month, can make a big difference. To make a one-time gift or a pledge of continuing support, click here. You can sign up to receive Oscar’s newsletter at the same place.

For more information, contact Eden Grace at the FUM Richmond office  +1 765-962-7573 or edeng@fum.org. Donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you, Friends, for your continued faithfulness in both prayer and financial support! Your contributions are making a difference on the Southside of Belize City.

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