Eden Grace and Oscar Mmbali

Oscar Mmbali arrives in the United States

Tonight, Oscar Mmbali arrived in the United States! His safe journey and passage through customs is an answer to Friends throughout our global fellowship who have been praying for him.

oscar mmbaliOscar is a Kenyan Friend, a graduate of Friends Theological College, who has felt called to minister in Belize for years. He has been traveling among East African Friends, successfully raising financial and prayer support for his ministry in Belize from African Friends who are excited to be sending one of their powerful ministers out as a missionary. Now, he will be traveling among North American Friends, sharing his vision for growing the Friends Church in Belize.

This is a Big Year for Belize! We’re expanding our educational ministries in Belize City, renovating a newly purchased building to house the Belize City Friends Center, and we’re sending Oscar to Belize City as the first FUM Pastoral Minister there. We ask that Friends around the world continue to hold this work in prayer. If you would like to financially contribute, you can do so through our online store.

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