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Seeking a New Childcare Coordinator for NEYM Sessions

New England Yearly Meeting is seeking a Child-Care Coordinator for their upcoming Yearly Meeting sessions.┬áKaren S├ínchez-Eppler, Clerk of the Youth Ministries Committee, writes that “There is no more important work for building the future of Quakerism in New England, and really few happier ways to spend these August days. I have been a member of the childcare staff most summers in recent years, and it is a truly joyous place to be and thing to do. There are many dedicated staff happy to return to this work, quality toys and equipment, and a well-organized archive of materials and procedures to build on. But we need to find the right person to take on this work of loving community.”

More information can be found on NEYM’s website, and the full job description can be found here.

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