Sunday School Fellowship Day in Jamaica

Sunday School Fellowship Day is an annual event in Jamaica Yearly Meeting on Ash Wednesday, which is a public holiday in Jamaica. The event is held at the Swift Purscell Multi Use Facility in Highgate. Fun activities include a Bible Quiz for school age children,¬†questions on Friends history and beliefs, and games and races for all ages. The celebration concludes with a concert, which includes a musical offering by representatives from all 13 Friends’ churches in Jamaica.

David Goode, pastor of Worthington Friends Church, shares that “Jamaica has very strong Catholic roots from the Spaniards, then Anglican roots” tracing from when the British forces defeated the Spanish forces in the region. Many traditional churches have ash services at noon on Ash Wednesday, in keeping with that heritage. Friends in Jamaica decided to do something more celebratory with their time off, choosing to come together for fun and games and fellowship.

The Sunday School Fellowship Day has become one of the main times for Friends in Jamaica to gather and enjoy each others’ company and share together in worship at a yearly event. Not all of their events are repeated yearly, though. They have a youth retreat scheduled in April, and are setting aside time in May for a Convocation to focus on spiritual growth.
May God continue to bless Friends in Jamaica with peace and wisdom and love, and may their gatherings together always be marked by joy!

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