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Living Letters Trip to Palestine/Israel

Come with us to Palestine/Israel! Jane and Max Carter have led two dozen trips to Palestine-Israel since 1979, and are excited about the opportunity to lead another trip this year. The original deadline for applications was March 1st, but the deadline for applying to travel with our Living Letters trip has now been extended to March 31st.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit and serve at the Ramallah Friends School. Friends have been engaged in educational outreach in Ramallah since 1869, when the area now known as the West Bank was under the control of the Ottoman Empire. It was closed during the First World War, as control of the land shifted from Ottoman to British hands, but reopened promptly in 1918. The period between the wars was a time of change and growth for the school, which was then followed by an influx of Palestinian refugees from Israel in 1948.

Under Jordanian rule from 1948 – 1967, the school adapted to the new political situation and reached a total enrollment of 320 students. The situation under Israeli occupation has been less stable, overall, but the school has continued to provide education, security, and hope to the Palestinian people. The RFS website offers a more detailed look at the history of the school. Becoming personally familiar with the courage and compassion of the RFS community is a powerful experience.

Ramallah is also home to Ramallah Friends Meeting. Trip participants will have the opportunity to share in the presence of Christ among Friends on the West Bank. Participants will also visit historical and religious sites throughout the region, and serve alongside Israelis and Palestinians working together for a just peace.

More information about the trip, including estimated costs and the application form, can be found here.


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