Love Is a Headscarf

Not long ago, Hellen Mackenzie Lwabukha, Pastor of the YM-level USFW in Central Yearly Meeting (Kenya), had a vision of visiting and praying with home-bound Friends. She felt especially called to minister to home-bound women.

Hellen held this vision in her heart for two months before finally inviting other Friends to season it with her. After her leading was confirmed by the meeting, she began her visitation ministry.

She asks the local meetings to provide her with names of those who are home-bound due to advanced age or illness, and she brings other Friends with her when she goes to visit. They spend the visit in Bible reading, prayer, and singing.

As part of the visit, Hellen adorns the women with a new headscarf, the symbol of unity among all Kenyan Quaker women.

As this headscarf proclaims the unity of Kenyan Quaker women, may our love and our prayers bring all the Quakers of Friends United Meeting into unity with one another. Please continue to hold Hellen’s ministry in prayer, that she will be strengthened to bear the love of Christ – and a┬ábeautiful headscarf – to those who need it most.

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  1. It is such a blessing to hear of how the Lord is leading another into a ministry of service to some that others may have forgotten. May God bless you with great insight as you step into the homes with His heart, and hands, and feet.

  2. Beautiful, what impressed me, ‘she held this vision within her heart before inviting other Friends to season it with her.’

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