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Eden Grace and Oscar Mmbali

Tonight, Oscar Mmbali arrived in the United States! His safe journey and passage through customs is an answer to Friends throughout our global fellowship who have been praying for him. Oscar is a Kenyan Friend, a graduate of Friends Theological College, who has felt called to minister in Belize for years. He has been traveling…(Read More)

New Windows in Belize

Just this morning, the first rays of light found their way into the new classrooms in the Belize City Friends Center. In the image, workers are cutting windows into the walls. This construction is part of the ongoing Big Year For Belize, which includes the purchase of a new building for the Belize Friends School…(Read More)

quaker jobs

New England Yearly Meeting is seeking a Child-Care Coordinator for their upcoming Yearly Meeting sessions. Karen Sánchez-Eppler, Clerk of the Youth Ministries Committee, writes that “There is no more important work for building the future of Quakerism in New England, and really few happier ways to spend these August days. I have…(Read More)

It isn’t very often that a new network of meetings emerges because someone stumbles upon Friends on the internet. And it’s even more unusual when this happens in a rural part of Africa where few homes have access to electricity! But that’s how the Friends movement in Kyela, Tanzania was born. In…(Read More)

Sunday School Fellowship Day is an annual event in Jamaica Yearly Meeting on Ash Wednesday, which is a public holiday in Jamaica. The event is held at the Swift Purscell Multi Use Facility in Highgate. Fun activities include a Bible Quiz for school age children, questions on Friends history and beliefs, and games and races…(Read More)

quaker jobs

JOB OPENING­ General Secretary of New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) This is a full-time position headquartered in New York City, serving the needs of more than 60 monthly meetings spread through New York State and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. The ideal candidate is a servant…(Read More)

The Quaker United Nations Office is releasing a new briefing paper to help Friends better understand migrant and refugee issues. The paper is titled ‘Protecting refugees and migrants under the New York Declaration: challenges and opportunities at the UN level,’ and you can download it as a PDF here: QUNO_Briefing_for_Friends_Refugees_and_Migrants_FINAL.pdf About this paper, they…(Read More)

ramallah friends meeting

Come with us to Palestine/Israel! Jane and Max Carter have led two dozen trips to Palestine-Israel since 1979, and are excited about the opportunity to lead another trip this year. The original deadline for applications was March 1st, but the deadline for applying to travel with our Living Letters trip has now been…(Read More)

Ten years ago, FUM began sponsoring girls in Turkana to attend secondary school. A few years later, Samburu girls were added to the program. In both those communities – nomadic people groups in arid regions of Kenya – girls face enormous obstacles to attending school. They are forced into early marriages, their families lack the…(Read More)

quaker jobs

Holly Baldwin, the Director of Beacon Hill Friends House, is stepping down after 11 years of leadership. On their blog, BHFH expressed gratitude for Holly’s “extraordinary contributions” and announced that they are currently seeking a new director. They write: The Beacon Hill Friends House seeks a visionary, community-oriented, organized person as Executive Director…(Read More)