FUM General Board meets in Bungoma County, Kenya

The FUM General Board met on February 2-3, 2017 at the Mabanga Farmers Training Institute near Bungoma in western Kenya. With over 75 Friends in attendance for the two-day meeting, the Board enjoyed deep worship, warm fellowship and engaging discernment on important matters of business. Highlights included:

  • The student praise and worship team from Friends Theological College led the meeting in worship on Friday morning.
  • Groundwork was laid toward reviving the position of Kenyan National Quaker Education Coordinator, an FUM staff position that assists the yearly meetings with the 1,800+ Quaker schools in the country, but that had been suspended for lack of funding two years ago.
  • Oscar Siema Mmbali shared his testimony and calling as a newly appointed FUM field staff, being sent from Kenya to serve in Belize. East African Friends are committed to raising a substantial portion of Oscar’s support.
  • Initial plans were begun for the joint FUM-USFWI-QMI Triennial to be held in Kenya in 2020.
  • Exciting reports were heard on church planting work in Tanzania and peace work in relation to the upcoming Kenyan election.

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