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prayercommunity2016_weblogoFor many years, Friends United Meeting invited local meetings and churches to be part of an annual “Chain of Prayer” at the beginning of each new year. A year ago, we let all of you know we were concluding this program in order to rethink how to best deepen our connections with one another and further immerse ourselves in the sustaining and powerful Presence of Christ.

As we dreamed about something new, we recognized the great good that emerged from the Chain of Prayer. Building on the strengths of that program, we want to invite you to now join with other Friends around the world in the FUM Prayer Community

The new FUM Prayer Community is an interactive and intentional commitment by local Meetings and Churches to connect with other Friends in our global fellowship. We will be pairing local fellowships with one another during a season of mutual prayer and community-building across our global family, through which we hope to inspire a more authentic sense of being united as Friends. As we share our stories, needs for present and hopes of the future, we anticipate a greater spirit of partnering in prayer and standing with one another through the challenges and opportunities we are facing.

You can sign up to be paired with another Meeting/Church by using the form below. After receiving your registration, we will be in contact with you to make sure you have all the information and supplies you need. Thank you, as always, for all of the prayer and encouragement you provide to Friends United Meeting!

ex.: mailing cards, telephone calls, email, social media networks, etc.
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  1. We were so much blessed by the inspired facilitators who delivered during the Africa pastors conference in Kenya, Lugulu. Saxton that presentation on conflicts of the church in Africa was powerful! God bless

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