FUM appoints Pastoral Minister for Belize

oscar-mmbaliFriends United Meeting is pleased to announce the appointment of Oscar Siema Mmbali to serve as the first pastoral minister for the Friends work in Belize. Oscar is a member of Nairobi Yearly Meeting, in Kenya. He first learned of FUM’s work in Belize in 2004 through reading articles in Quaker Life magazine while a student at Friends Theological College (FTC), and has felt a persistent call to serve in Belize ever since. He trained for pastoral ministry at FTC and St Paul’s University, and worked with Nairobi YM as a pastor and as a church planter among the Maasai. He is currently living in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is completing his PhD in International Development and working as a researcher for Transparency Thailand. He also volunteers as a chaplain for the Kenyan embassy in Thailand, visiting Kenyan nationals who are imprisoned, in detention centers, or are victims of trafficking.

The role of pastoral minister for the Friends work in Belize was created last year, and Oscar will be the first to undertake the work. The new position will build upon FUM’s decades-long successful program with at-risk youth in the Southside neighborhood of Belize City. The pastoral minister is asked to build relationships with youth, families, and the entire community; to offer pastoral counseling, chaplaincy, and discipleship; and to engage in personal, highly-relational neighborhood evangelism.

Worship group in Belize City.
Worship group in Belize City.

Over the next several months, Oscar will focus on raising support for his ministry, with the goal of raising a significant percentage in Kenya. Equipping and sending their first international FUM field staff will be a milestone achievement for Kenyan Friends.

The creation of this new field staff position in Belize is part of a comprehensive plan by the FUM General Board to expand the ministries in Belize, as guided by the following mission statement:

Building on the existing Belize Friends School ministry, Friends United Meeting will engage in a holistic Christian Quaker ministry that is deeply grounded in the discernment of God’s direction in Belize.  We seek to witness to the transforming power of Jesus Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through our witness, including worship, discipleship, education, leadership development, alternatives to violence, community building and economic empowerment.

Other aspects of the ministry plan include purchase of a new multi-purpose facility, expansion of the school, and hiring a Director. Applications are still being accepted for the latter position, and more information can be found here.


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  1. I was very blessed to be a part of the 2016 Pastor’s Conference in Kenya, where the pastors prayed together to commission Oscar and some of the other FTC ministers that are launching out into new areas of outreach. God is at work through His people…
    Please take our greetings to Mike and Kay Cain who are from Indiana Yearly Meeting. They were a part of Portland Friends Church where my husband Keith first began his ministry as a pastor. They have also been faithful volunteers in the Ministries of Quaker Haven Camp where we served also.

  2. Just wondering how the fund raising is doing? Is there an mpesa paybill number we can send money on?may God bless you pastor

  3. A time for Africa has surely come! We shall throw all our brotherly support to our brother beginning with praying with him. This young man, and the passion he has for ministry, the background knowledge he has from FTC, and St Pauls University, God will help him.

  4. Dear Oscar, This is splendid news that you are progressing in Ministry at such creative projects.
    Your exposure to these many different cultures and regions of the world will bring great insights to your work in Belize. The Light that was seen in you when we met is still glowing and growing. As we supported your college degree years ago, we will be supporting your ministry in Belize. Much love and gratefulness from us to you. Tracy and Don Booth

  5. Congratulations, Oscar! What wonderful news to hear that a committed Christian leader from Friends Theological College is becoming a pioneer for the Pastoral leadership in the Friends community of the Belize Friends School. This is another prayer answered and something we had hoped would come to pass — a relationship between FTC and the Belize Friends School. God is so good…all the time!

  6. wow! This is a great move. I personaly worked with Oscar Mmbali in evangelizing n setting up a Quaker mission station in the remotest part of Masai land..a ministry he has seen supported to see grow. with his passion to serving Christ, i see a happy blessed, congregation of Belize friends grow in word n light of Christ. congratulations brother.

  7. Waoo! congrats Oscar my fellow brother whom we have worked together, this is great my dear God bless you so much! always in our prayers dear.

  8. This is great to have this breakthrough of finding someone for church planting/extension in Belize. It is very much encouraging to have this breakthrough. We promise to stand styrongly with Oscar from Kenya in support for his success in Belize. May the Lord prepare him well to the good task ahead which He himself promised to be with us till the end of times.

  9. This is so exciting! An answer to much prayer & concern/interest in the continuing work in Belize by Friends. I think Sadie Vernon must be joining us in great praise!
    Praying for the successful raising of support for Oscar!

  10. God’s continued love and direction as we continue to encourage the ministry in Belize. We are looking forward to meeting Oscar.

  11. Congratulations to both Oscar and FUM! An inspired choice of an accomplished young minister. Many blessings on the work in Belize and on your ministry, Oscar!

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