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All Were Satisfied

Today, I shared communion with eleven other Quakers. Actually, the meal was mandazi and Chai tea, but the real Presence of Christ was experienced and celebrated in our midst. The gathering focused on healing some serious divisions and particular conflicts that have confounded Friends in some parts of Kenya. I confess, some days I am…(Read More)

Blinding oneness

  I live for those fleeting and rare moments of commUNION, when everything is joined, including me. They are so alive, so vibrant, so red and burning. I never know when to expect them. They just come as a gift, which I graciously accept.     Cathy Barney is a writer, storyteller, artist, non-profit…(Read More)

Lessons from the garden

  This growing season celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the Compassion Garden at our Meetinghouse. This garden project will not last forever at Winchester Friends, but I am thankful for the years I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned from urban gardening in the middle of Winchester, Indiana. This summer during my hours…(Read More)