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In 1656, two otherwise obscure Friends, Margaret Killam and Barbara Patison, addressed a “Warning from the Lord to the Teachers and People” of the city of Plymouth, England. The Lord apparently found much to fault in Plymouth, and Killam and Patison asked some pointed questions. Among them were these: Whether all these observations of these…(Read More)

How accurately does the movie, The Friendly Persuasion, portray nineteenth-century American Quakerism? For many American Friends, The Friendly Persuasion is their favorite film, at least about Quakerism. Based on Quaker author (and Whittier College alumnus) Jessamyn West’s collection of short stories of the same title, the film depicts the lives of a Quaker…(Read More)

Ask Tom: on leadership

How have Quaker ideas about leadership changed over time? Do Quakers have leaders? Do Quakers want leaders? As long as I have been aware of Quaker affairs and concerns, those questions have been prominent. They hint at a tension that has been present since the rise of Quakerism 360 years ago. The first generation of…(Read More)