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How accurately does the movie, The Friendly Persuasion, portray nineteenth-century American Quakerism? For many American Friends, The Friendly Persuasion is their favorite film, at least about Quakerism. Based on Quaker author (and Whittier College alumnus) Jessamyn West’s collection of short stories of the same title, the film depicts the lives of a Quaker…(Read More)


My good friend just started teaching at a public high school in rural Pennsylvania. While her main subject area is social studies, she also teaches Spanish, which she acquired while studying abroad in Guatemala. My word choice is deliberate there: she acquired Spanish while living in a Spanish-speaking country. Anyone will tell you that…(Read More)

Integrity is one of the primary Friends testimonies. For years, I have understood that testimony of integrity to essentially mean, “Let your walk match your talk.” That certainly is a worthy and noble goal. Great damage is done to our witness when we live lives that are duplicitous. But the nature of that definition makes…(Read More)

Lessons from the garden

  This growing season celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the Compassion Garden at our Meetinghouse. This garden project will not last forever at Winchester Friends, but I am thankful for the years I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned from urban gardening in the middle of Winchester, Indiana. This summer during my hours…(Read More)