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“Wow, when did that happen?” We were driving to my mother’s home in Nashville for our Christmas celebration, and my daughter reacted to a new construction project we hadn’t seen before. Obviously it had been quite a while since we drove south. Going home after a hiatus is like that. There is the…(Read More)


In an attempt to be a civic-minded Quaker, I recently took advantage of the opportunity to work at a polling station during the highly contentious Indiana primary elections of 2016. One of my earliest memories of voting was a conversation I had with my father as we drove to the polling station after I…(Read More)

Along the Way

    For the fourth of July, my son and I took a short road trip to Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN. We had put this trip off for far too long. The rainclouds followed us to the park, and we both decided we didn’t care—the rain was warm and the thick…(Read More)


After several decades of not attending church services, a good friend of mine has decided she wants to return to “church.” She grew up attending a mainline church in a small Midwest town, and she now lives in a major city in the Midwest. Literally, she has hundreds, perhaps a few thousand, choices of churches…(Read More)

Is it just talk?

I recently accepted a new Chaplain’s position at a different prison facility in the Indiana Department of Corrections from the one I currently work. The offenders at the prison where I work now were very expressive, telling me that they would miss me, but wished me well, all the same. I was actively involved…(Read More)