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Lessons from the garden

  This growing season celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the Compassion Garden at our Meetinghouse. This garden project will not last forever at Winchester Friends, but I am thankful for the years I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned from urban gardening in the middle of Winchester, Indiana. This summer during my hours…(Read More)

Messy heart

Coming home after a long day of running errands, during which I felt like a captive spectator of the Rudeness Parade, I breathed a sigh of relief. Here there would be no disgruntled post office patron huff-puffing about the queue, no crazed driver nearly t-boning me in the street, nobody screaming profanities at…(Read More)

The borer

I am sad. Outside my office window lie the remains of a tree that is at least one hundred years old. It was cut down in the prime of its life. Branches are everywhere. Its leaves have already dried up and look brown. Why did this tree have to die? My office-mates tell me…(Read More)

Light and Salt

Leonita Mugofwa will be presenting the evening service, entitled “Joyfully Believing,” at the USFWI/QMI 45th Triennial Conference this July. In anticipation, Minga Claggett-Borne sent us this story about Leonita’s work that she wrote several years ago. She interviewed Leonita in 2012.—ed. “You are the earth’s salt. But if the salt…(Read More)