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Intending and Letting Go

At the end of the year retreat, the QVS Fellows and I gathered in idyllic Vermont to reflect upon the past year and set intentions for the next. One way we did this was to build a cairn in the middle of one of the many rivulets that vein their way through the Green Mountains…(Read More)

On the way to visit someone in the hospital, I was listening to Carrie Newcomer’s new CD, The Beautiful Not Yet. I must admit I am already a Carrie Newcomer fan. Her style of singing and the manner in which she uses words always lifts up my soul. Each of her songs is more…(Read More)

Is it just talk?

I recently accepted a new Chaplain’s position at a different prison facility in the Indiana Department of Corrections from the one I currently work. The offenders at the prison where I work now were very expressive, telling me that they would miss me, but wished me well, all the same. I was actively involved…(Read More)