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The Faithful Stars

Blue sky. Moonlight. The same. Dust in the eyes. Only in the dark silence of prayer Abraham’s stars.   ~Franchot Ballinger…(Read More)

The borer

I am sad. Outside my office window lie the remains of a tree that is at least one hundred years old. It was cut down in the prime of its life. Branches are everywhere. Its leaves have already dried up and look brown. Why did this tree have to die? My office-mates tell me…(Read More)

Retreat. Retreat…

One of the courses I took in graduate school included a week-long getaway at a local retreat center. Most of the members of the cohort were eager for the short respite from the daily grind of jobs, school, and otherwise engaged lives. Carving out time to actually think, pray, and talk about how to…(Read More)

“The real difficulty is that our generation has been conceiving of prayer on too low a plane. Faith is not endangered by the advance of science. It is endangered by the stagnation of religious conceptions. If religion halts at some primitive level and science marches on to new conquests of course there will be difficulty…(Read More)