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Coffee with Jesus

As a barista, mornings now bid me rise at 4 a.m. to fill enough carafes with liquid motivation for the 6 a.m. rush. Before the sun peeks over earth I’ve heard, “Thanks, hon” from the construction foreman with a gravelly, Sam Elliot-like voice; said, “Have a great day,” to half the…(Read More)

The Best Kind of Broken

When the telephone rings at a certain late hour, you know it won’t be happy news. Anxiety and dread paralyze you with fear, even as you feel compelled to reach for the phone at superhuman speed. It’s the emergency room calling: Come right away. I knew he was sick, and suffering immensely in…(Read More)

Psalm #139

  PSALM #139 I praise Your decision to make Eve and Adam free with the stipulation that they walk humbly. There was no valid excuse when they overstepped Your boundaries and none has appeared since they lost Eden. May I remain in this Paradise to which You have led me. Although I am surrounded by…(Read More)