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Today is the 3rd Sunday in Advent, the Sunday designated with the theme of Joy. This seems like a difficult time to speak of Joy. The condition of our country is confusing and distressing, leaving us all feeling a new level of vulnerability. The condition of the planet seems more imperiled every day because of…(Read More)


A meditation for Rachel But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. – Luke 2:19 To give birth is to know something of dying. To know the pathos of releasing a part of your own body and soul into its separate destiny, its separate journey toward death. To know that…(Read More)

Sweet Caroline

The sunbeams off the lake streamed through my sister’s veil, as she danced. Near sunset that kind of light is Rumplestiltskin, spinning everything into gold, and this evening did not disappoint. The watery light lit her dress, the twinkling decorations, the smiles on friends’ faces, and our father’s red-white hair. Very light…(Read More)

Like a child

Gage, one of the Philadelphia Quaker Voluntary Service Fellows from the 2015-16 year, has a special gift. He sees the world with child-like wonder. I watched all year as a sensibility fostered in the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest struggled to find the glory of God in the cracks of Philly’s…(Read More)

Along the Way

    For the fourth of July, my son and I took a short road trip to Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN. We had put this trip off for far too long. The rainclouds followed us to the park, and we both decided we didn’t care—the rain was warm and the thick…(Read More)

For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies, for the love which from our birth, over and around us lies; Lord of all, to thee we raise this, our hymn of grateful praise.   1. To the south of my parents’ house, past the “seasonal access only” sign, lies a big…(Read More)

Four flat tires

Recently, the Africa Ministries Office sold the truck that Eden Grace used for transport when she was in Kenya as Field Staff. In fond commemoration of the truck—and by popular demand—we are running again Eden’s reflection on one of the lessons the truck taught her.—ed. Being in Kenya has allowed me…(Read More)

Squared up

Among the various tribes within Christianity, Quakers are some of the most optimistic. We absolutely believe in the possibility of peace. We anticipate justice rolling down like a river at any moment. We practice, on our best days, listening for a whispered word from God—expecting it will be spoken and trusting we will be…(Read More)