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The Light Shining in the Darkness, that Cannot be Overcome During this time of Advent preparation for the birth of Jesus, I offer you a message of hope. This is a hope embodied in the spirit and will of all those who refuse to submit to the forces of oppression, violence and injustice, to the…(Read More)


In an attempt to be a civic-minded Quaker, I recently took advantage of the opportunity to work at a polling station during the highly contentious Indiana primary elections of 2016. One of my earliest memories of voting was a conversation I had with my father as we drove to the polling station after I…(Read More)

Integrity is one of the primary Friends testimonies. For years, I have understood that testimony of integrity to essentially mean, “Let your walk match your talk.” That certainly is a worthy and noble goal. Great damage is done to our witness when we live lives that are duplicitous. But the nature of that definition makes…(Read More)