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The Proposal of Hope

A couple weeks ago, it looked like Oscar Mmbali might be forced to leave Belize.  His temporary visa was expiring, and the immigration office told him they would only renew it if he could show evidence of progress in his long-term work permit application. The people who process work permits refused to receive his…(Read More)

The Faithful Stars

Blue sky. Moonlight. The same. Dust in the eyes. Only in the dark silence of prayer Abraham’s stars.   ~Franchot Ballinger…(Read More)


When Kevin’s mother called me to tell me he had run away from home, she was crying. Anger, fear, and exhaustion poured out of her through the phone. She wept as she explained how her son told her he would rather live on the streets of Portland, Oregon, than stay one more day with…(Read More)

People Like Us

There was a time in not-so-ancient history when a daily newspaper was delivered—in print—to homes like yours and mine. No, really! And it had actual news in it—of international, national, and local interest. Actual news!?!? Google it—the internet can tell you all about these relics. Growing up, we received…(Read More)