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In an attempt to be a civic-minded Quaker, I recently took advantage of the opportunity to work at a polling station during the highly contentious Indiana primary elections of 2016. One of my earliest memories of voting was a conversation I had with my father as we drove to the polling station after I…(Read More)


My good friend just started teaching at a public high school in rural Pennsylvania. While her main subject area is social studies, she also teaches Spanish, which she acquired while studying abroad in Guatemala. My word choice is deliberate there: she acquired Spanish while living in a Spanish-speaking country. Anyone will tell you that…(Read More)

Awakened in the Word

This poem is one I’ve struggled to write for three years or so. The experience itself is a struggle of longer duration. When I found myself on the Jesus Way again after being a non-believer for forty years or so, I also saw that Christ asked more of me than acceptance of miracles…(Read More)

Messy heart

Coming home after a long day of running errands, during which I felt like a captive spectator of the Rudeness Parade, I breathed a sigh of relief. Here there would be no disgruntled post office patron huff-puffing about the queue, no crazed driver nearly t-boning me in the street, nobody screaming profanities at…(Read More)