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When Kevin’s mother called me to tell me he had run away from home, she was crying. Anger, fear, and exhaustion poured out of her through the phone. She wept as she explained how her son told her he would rather live on the streets of Portland, Oregon, than stay one more day with…(Read More)

The neighborhood

Not being much of a television watcher, I confess I’ve never actually seen the show Survivor. I understand many people really enjoy it. I simply cannot get my head around why it is so appealing. As with so many other things, I’m probably just missing something. Maybe it’s due to my ignorance…(Read More)

People Like Us

There was a time in not-so-ancient history when a daily newspaper was delivered—in print—to homes like yours and mine. No, really! And it had actual news in it—of international, national, and local interest. Actual news!?!? Google it—the internet can tell you all about these relics. Growing up, we received…(Read More)

All Were Satisfied

Today, I shared communion with eleven other Quakers. Actually, the meal was mandazi and Chai tea, but the real Presence of Christ was experienced and celebrated in our midst. The gathering focused on healing some serious divisions and particular conflicts that have confounded Friends in some parts of Kenya. I confess, some days I am…(Read More)


Today, I visited the home of a Palestinian family living on Mt. Gerizim, above the city of Nablus. Two other guests were sharing about efforts to heal the political divisions within the Palestinian community. If Palestinians are to have any hope of survival, let alone the capacity to resolve the bitter dispute with Israelis, they…(Read More)

Retreat. Retreat…

One of the courses I took in graduate school included a week-long getaway at a local retreat center. Most of the members of the cohort were eager for the short respite from the daily grind of jobs, school, and otherwise engaged lives. Carving out time to actually think, pray, and talk about how to…(Read More)

Squared up

Among the various tribes within Christianity, Quakers are some of the most optimistic. We absolutely believe in the possibility of peace. We anticipate justice rolling down like a river at any moment. We practice, on our best days, listening for a whispered word from God—expecting it will be spoken and trusting we will be…(Read More)