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Blinding oneness

  I live for those fleeting and rare moments of commUNION, when everything is joined, including me. They are so alive, so vibrant, so red and burning. I never know when to expect them. They just come as a gift, which I graciously accept.     Cathy Barney is a writer, storyteller, artist, non-profit…(Read More)


There was a dark time – there are always dark times – when I felt my light almost sucked out. I was in a hard group and I didn’t know why. Big personalities, mental-health issues and sketchy facilitation. “God,” I asked repeatedly, where are you?” Only when I began to paint could I see where…(Read More)


I LOVE winter walks, especially in the snow. They are so solitary and full of beauty. Potential beauty. I can almost feel the pulsating of the life growing down under the dead and lifeless. This withered stump undulated when I could see it with my heart.   —Image and text by Cathy Barney &nbsp…(Read More)