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I’m one of those annoying people who loves to point out grammar and spelling errors in public signage. Perhaps you are, too—missing apostrophes, or apostrophes where they shouldn’t be; spellings that result in unfortunate double entendres, or some other meaning from what was likely intended; bizarre non sequiturs, and so on. I…(Read More)

Water Flowing Underground

  The urban environment of the San Francisco Bay region is unlike any that I’ve ever lived in, in that while it has plenty of pollution and concrete and population density, it is yet very close to some of the most beautiful natural areas in Northern California. There are spectacular places like Muir Woods…(Read More)

My wife and I are both city people, used to navigating the urban environment by right and left turns, which usually map reliably enough to north and south, east and west. We lived for many years in Chicago, which is one of the most regular cities in the nation. Laid out on a mostly featureless…(Read More)