Psalm #139



PSALM #139

I praise Your decision

to make Eve and Adam free

with the stipulation

that they walk humbly.

There was no valid excuse

when they overstepped

Your boundaries

and none has appeared

since they lost Eden.

May I remain in this Paradise

to which You have led me.

Although I am surrounded

by flesh eating beasts,

help me control my urge

to violently attack

when negotiating is enough.


022707la-3271-edit-edit-edit-fdsI am not my brother’s keeper

for he is no zoo animal.

I am my sibling’s sibling

even when we are strangers.

Take my hand and heal

the rift in my valleys.

Dwight L. Wilson is a retired educational executive who in his youth served as Pastor of Durham (ME) Friends Meeting and General Secretary of Friends General Conference. He is the father of four sons and grandfather of two boys and one girl.  He is a committed volunteer who among other obligations currently serves as Clerk of Earlham School of Religion, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Policing for the Ann Arbor Human Rights Commission and weekly holds babies on the cardiac ward of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

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