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“Wow, when did that happen?” We were driving to my mother’s home in Nashville for our Christmas celebration, and my daughter reacted to a new construction project we hadn’t seen before. Obviously it had been quite a while since we drove south. Going home after a hiatus is like that. There is the…(Read More)

Coffee with Jesus

As a barista, mornings now bid me rise at 4 a.m. to fill enough carafes with liquid motivation for the 6 a.m. rush. Before the sun peeks over earth I’ve heard, “Thanks, hon” from the construction foreman with a gravelly, Sam Elliot-like voice; said, “Have a great day,” to half the…(Read More)

The neighborhood

Not being much of a television watcher, I confess I’ve never actually seen the show Survivor. I understand many people really enjoy it. I simply cannot get my head around why it is so appealing. As with so many other things, I’m probably just missing something. Maybe it’s due to my ignorance…(Read More)


I’m one of those annoying people who loves to point out grammar and spelling errors in public signage. Perhaps you are, too—missing apostrophes, or apostrophes where they shouldn’t be; spellings that result in unfortunate double entendres, or some other meaning from what was likely intended; bizarre non sequiturs, and so on. I…(Read More)

People Like Us

There was a time in not-so-ancient history when a daily newspaper was delivered—in print—to homes like yours and mine. No, really! And it had actual news in it—of international, national, and local interest. Actual news!?!? Google it—the internet can tell you all about these relics. Growing up, we received…(Read More)